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So apparently, even those playing in gaming tournaments aren’t safe. Are you kidding me? It appears that David Katz, 24, of Baltimore, MD ( pictured below and nevermind those crazy eyes), was eliminated from a “Madden NFL 19” tournament in Jacksonville, FL, Sunday afternoon. Obviously Mr. Katz wasn’t accustomed to defeat, the emotions that accompany […]

Three Lunatics is now on Gonzo Podcast network.  Three lunatics now joins the ranks and will be aired every Saturday @ 11:59pm on the network The Gonzo Podcast network is famous for their shows and ties to the Howard stern show Wack Packers such as High Pitch Eric , Speech impediment man , Porn Star […]

Aretha dies, A ground crew member flies (and dies), and A deer jerky surprise. This week’s show has a special guest, and as always, is choc full of the most ridiculous conversation in the pod world. Be sure to follow us on all social outlets #twitter #spreaker #itunes #spotify #iheartradio #dontstealaplane, #funnyashell, #hilarious, #new, #podcastmafia, […]