Season 3 Episode 14 – Peanut Butter

This week Big Tiddy and Shiner attempt to keep up with Zack, who apparently forgot to take his Ritalin. They discuss their favorite moments from this past season, Zack continues to try to sell his business model for a new chain of eateries, they confirm that the shockapalooza is going to take place, and they hit on the circus that is the Senate Confirmation Hearings. Keep your arms in the ride at all times. This is about to get out of control.


Season 3 Episode 13- Golden Showers

The boys invade your ears this week touching on Hurricane Florence, hatch a plan to take their shenanigans on the road to Las Vegas, they reminisce about the best movies of the 80’s, and each check in on where they stand when it comes to the good ol’ Golden Shower.Sit down, kick back, and buckle your seat belt. You already know how The Three Lunatics drive you down the road of enlightenment.

Ironmanzack’s Netflix pick of the week 9-16

So every week I pick a series or movie from Netflix for you cunts to enjoy you might like it you might not ask me if I give a shit ….. actually tell me what you think in the comments below or share it on your fb page don’t be a skank just do it.paradise-pd-big

This weeks pick is Paradise PD from the guys that brought us Brickleberry comes another shit show of a cartoon series. What can I say about this it has everything from weed, dick, and fart jokes to off the cuff jokes that keep you laughing for hours. The show is of course rated TV-MA so make sure to watch that shit with you grandma in the room. With 10 episodes its more than enough to get your thru you comedy fix.


“Animated series about bad cops. Not bad as in corrupt, bad as in under-performing. They aren’t first responders, they are the worst responders. ”

Season 3 Episode 12 – The Bandit

This week the Lunatic crew pay their respects (along with provide you with some interesting facts) to the late Burt Reynolds, Big Tiddy announces the end of an era in the world of Rocklahoma camps, and the boys provide a quick history lesson of the Great Whale Explosion of 1970. Put Episode 12 in your life so you have something to brag about Monday at work.

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Season3 Episode 11 – Barbershop Talk

This week the boys discuss what happened to the nostalgic, American Barbershop, after some discussion Big Tiddy and Shiner diagnose Zack with a porn addiction, and they touch on the fact that basic broads all rejoiced in the PSL season starting early this year. Get ready to rub some lotion on it. As usual, the Three Lunatics bring it raw.

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