Meet the Crew

Meet the crew that make up Three Lunatics Media


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Big Tiddy, most famous for his two national titles in pseudowrestling, was born in Bessemer, AL (home of Bo Jackson). He now enjoys short walks on the beach, 15 minutes of outdoor time daily, and his beloved EZ Chair (aptly named) “Magic Dave”.
A militant proponent of plastic silverware, he carries multiple sets, as a meal is never far away.
He is half Indian, half Irish, half German, half Greek, and half Norwegian.
Big Tiddy collects Dr Pepper and straws. He also enjoys an occasional plate of Brussels Sprouts eaten by someone other than himself.

Awards include:
Diabetes (second place)
Heart Attack (first place)
Neuropathy (national title)
Arthritis (one second and one third)



Shiner was born and raised in Tulsa, OK, but adventures in adulthood brought moves to Colorado, Utah, and Northern California.In 2012, Shiner returned to the 918 to plant roots for good. His list of hobbies is the definition of variety – art (colored pencil and markers being the favorite medium), photography (status: official Instagram whore), foodie (frequent practitioner of #kulinarykhaos), angler, avid bowhunter (whitetail and feral hogs), PBR and Fireball Whiskey aficionado, and connoisseur of breast implants all make Shiner a well- rounded 21st century man garnished with a little bit of white trash.