Season 4 Episode 5 -New Year Same Sh*t

HAPPY F*CKING NEW YEAR !!!! im back with the year end show, Jermey and Ironmanzack talk shit while driving down the interstate for there New Years eve bash with no other than the world famous Jamie Kennedy @ the Blue Room comedy club sit down shut up and tune in

Jamie Kennedy and Ironmanzack @ Blue Room Comedy Club SOLD OUT SHOW!


You can check out the Blue Room in Springfield Mo @ the link below.





Season 4 Episode 4 – The RV

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This week we go full Redneck. Special guest Thumprr The Redneck joins and invites me to his RV. We talk about current events comedy and totally f*cked up shit. Thumprr even pulls out the trusty old camel toe and lets me take a whiff. With a beer can necklace and a microphone we bring you the weeks installment of Three Lunatics the only way we can straight to your ear holes .Sit down shut up and tune in and for gods sake quit fornicating with your sister YEEEEEE HAW!!!!!!!




Season 4 Episode 3 – The Buffet

Oh my Thanksgiving was a little much this year. Ironmanzack hits the buffet and tells the gruesome after math. Also on this weeks show THE ROWDCAST is back. He brings the fatness to the table and breaks down everything from in-laws to cream cheese filling. Even though we missed Fat F*cks this year dont worry we will stuff that turkey next year sit down shut and enjoy some good old fashioned Three Lunatics.







Season 3 Episode 14 – Peanut Butter

This week Big Tiddy and Shiner attempt to keep up with Zack, who apparently forgot to take his Ritalin. They discuss their favorite moments from this past season, Zack continues to try to sell his business model for a new chain of eateries, they confirm that the shockapalooza is going to take place, and they hit on the circus that is the Senate Confirmation Hearings. Keep your arms in the ride at all times. This is about to get out of control.


Season 3 Episode 13- Golden Showers

The boys invade your ears this week touching on Hurricane Florence, hatch a plan to take their shenanigans on the road to Las Vegas, they reminisce about the best movies of the 80’s, and each check in on where they stand when it comes to the good ol’ Golden Shower.Sit down, kick back, and buckle your seat belt. You already know how The Three Lunatics drive you down the road of enlightenment.