Here We Go Again

So apparently, even those playing in gaming tournaments aren’t safe. Are you kidding me? It appears that David Katz, 24, of Baltimore, MD ( pictured below and nevermind those crazy eyes), was eliminated from a “Madden NFL 19” tournament in Jacksonville, FL, Sunday afternoon.


Obviously Mr. Katz wasn’t accustomed to defeat, the emotions that accompany that, and not receiving a participation trophy. Consequently, this pathetic tantrum resulted in him using a weapon to take the lives of two other gamers, wounding 9, and 2 more receiving injures in attempting to escape the chaos. Mr. Katz was the final casualty in this situation when he, in classic coward form, chose to eat a pistol himself.

How in the fuck does a person get to a point that it seems logical to open fire on people because you didn’t get your way? Fuck your feelings. Life is full of disappointment. For some unfathomable reason people, especially those of the Millennial generation, think that hurt feelings give you the right to inflict harm on others. Keep in mind that this is the same generation that has decided to champion the cause, and speak out for further gun control, even to the point of demanding our 2A rights be taken from us. Seems legit, right?

And that will be the fallout from this. Another shooting (and why the fuck are they happening in Florida so often?) that will be used for politicians and “activists” to use in their argument, as they attempt to take our right to bear arms. Guns are NOT the problem in our society. The “pussification” of our country, fueled by political correctness and fuzzy feelings (neither of which really matter), is the real issue in the country today. Don’t like election results? Vandalize and loot your local Starbucks. Don’t like being called names and bullied? What happened to fist fights? Why is it pipe bombs and bullets to handle a situation? And now… we’ve seriously reached a point that if a mother fucker gets eliminated from a VIDEO GAME TOURNAMENT, and we need to legitimately worry that this fool is going to go for the heater and open fire? What in the actual fuck is going on??? Guns aren’t the problem. Entitlement. That is the problem. Being sheltered from taking an “L,” handing out participation trophies, and allowing people to grow up believing that their feelings take precedent over those around them. All of that contributes to the bullshit we see nightly on the news.

I guess the lesson to be learned here is if you’re going to enter a gaming tournament, enter a COD tournament, learn to shoot on the move, and take your iron (if you have your CCL, of course). I firmly believe that once more of these assholes start encountering their intended victims, who are armed and bring the fight at them, then this bullshit will drastically decrease. Of course, you’re welcome to make a protest sign against the 2nd Amendment, and let me know how that works out for ya……

Shiner OUT! 🇺🇸

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