Tiddy’s Top Ten 8-21-18

Top ten reasons why Taco Bell is the bomb.

10. When you really need to try and take a s**t…

9. The $5 box deals are quite filling.

8. Cheesy Gorditas are better than your first girlfriend.

7. Double Decker Taco Supremes are my personal favorite. ♥️

6. I think Beelzebub goes to Taco Bell.

5. It is funny to watch toothless crackheads eat a crunchy taco.

4. Taco Bell restaurants near a college are right up my alley. More a** than a donkey basketball game.

3. I could drink the nacho cheese like a shot of whisky.

2. Nacho Fries Belgrande!

1. Double Decker Taco Supremes look like your wife after a 5 dude creampie when looking down from above.

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